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Chapter 1:    p. 1-20      p. 21-37      p. 38-62     p. 63-86      p. 87-99      p. 100-113

Chapter 2:   p. 114-140      p. 141-169     p. 170-190     p. 191-206
Chapter 3:    p. 207-255     Chapter 4:    p. 256-284    Chapter 5:    p. 285-310  
Chapter 6:    p. 311-332      Chapter 7:    p. 333-344     Chapter 8:   p. 345-359
Chapter 9:    p. 360-387     Chapter 10:  p. 388-409    Chapter 11:   p. 410-424


Comment by Rod McCormick:

The material presented in this book concerns universal truth and so it cannot be read with the eyes of someone whose life is only in service to self. You must read from the deep core of who you are which is above and beyond the mind cultivated by the 'machine culture' in which we exist.  The universe may have been an origination of 'God' or 'one-ness' but its perpetuation and expansion is the creation of a 'lesser being' that lives within us all .  This 'lesser being' is the Emergent Principle. 

The Emergent Principle
is available only at www.onepositive.com. It's free but more importantly it's free to change. So, write me your offerings for change and they will be considered. tom_kitt@hotmail.com  or onepositive@live.com


BOOK: Eternal Recurrence ...A Step out of Time 

by Tom Kitt (Free download - click on title). Published 2007, Athena Press (92 pages). Hardcopy editions available at Amazon.com ISBN10- digit: 1 84401 910 1, ISBN 13-digit: 978 1 84401 910

 Reviews  Eternal Recurrence ...A step out of Time  

 Hammer your thoughts to a unity.
                                                                     W. B. Yeats

Other works by Tom Kitt:


Tom Kitt

onepositive@live.com or tom_kitt@hotmail.com .

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About Tom Kitt

I am from Galway, Ireland. I came to the US in 1971 and raised a family. I have spent the past 12 years in Asia writing on the subject of eternal recurrence.
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7 Responses to Poetry, Articles & Books by Tom Kitt

  1. janet madison says:

    Nice meeting you tonite in Nathon…good many beers , perhaps a few too many, but interesting conversation and Karen and I both enjoyed the experience.
    Hope you get this and hope to see you again, to further our conversations..
    Janet (the old one)

  2. janet madison says:

    You expressed interest in my grandmothers’ biographical book Siam is our Home..check it out at http://www.siamisourhome .com
    and my uncle Dwight Bulkleys book is called “Psycles’ which may also interest you. you can google either name: Edna Bruner Bulkley OR Dwight H Bulkley and get more info on some SE Asia stuff and Dwight’s metaphysical approach to everything….(considerable stuff). amazing folks.
    Aren’t we all?

  3. Tom Kitt says:

    Hi Janet
    I have ordered the book and i look forward to reading it after i return to NY. It was very nice to meet you.

  4. Tom Kitt says:

    Hi janet, I will look up’Psycles’ also tnx. – interesting title

    Fond best wishes to Karen.

  5. Tom Kitt says:

    Hi Janet

    I just finished reading ‘Siam was our home’ and enjoyed it very much. I have placed an order for ‘Psycles’ and look forward to reading it.

    Kind regards to Karen.

    ps you indeed have a wonderul connection to Thailand, Edna obviously was a Thai soul.

  6. Franz says:

    Dear Tom,

    It was me that just ordered a copy of The Trinity Conspiracy at Amazon.com, and unless somebody beats me to it, I’ll try to be the First Reviewer. Looks like a winner!

    I was wrestling with Plotinus when I stumbled onto your site. You are far clearer than the Wise Old Owl, despite his “descent of the soul” and his odd claim to have entered into a sort of mind-meld with The One, which sounded similiar to me.

    Your childhood and mine sound almost chillingly close. As the world moves ever toward collapse, I keep getting this strange vibe that it’s going to look like a rerun to some of us… but I’m hoping for a soft landing and lots of splendid awareness. Glad to know you are helping things along.

    I hope to have the review of your book up as soon as I get it and read it. I’m turning into a quick-study in my old age. Too bad I didn’t figure things out in my YOUNG age, back when I was an F-minus student!

    Best regards and keep at it!



  7. Tom Kitt says:

    Thank you Franz, better late than never. I would ask you to review also my most current work: Chapter 1 of The Emergent Principle. It is an easy and free download from the main page of this website. I look forward to hearing your comments and appreciate your interest.
    Kind regards, Tom

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