Life is the result of the SAME movement flashing in/out of eternity – in/out of existence:

the movement began when eternity experienced resistance thereby causing a ‘flash’ of energy that repeats. The ‘flash’ is always the same because it repeats from eternity (timeless).

The ‘flash’ is a movement that repeats to the demand of thinking and we are trapped in its ever-expanding web (all is connected).

Multiplicity is only apparent, in truth, there is only one mind.
~ Erwin Schrodinger.

One ‘mind’ regenerating the same movement - propagating life?

It behooves us to examine this movement:

The construct of movement is unchanging; it is simply a difference of potential created by resistance.

Resistance initiates the primal movement therefore, the resistance - though synonymous with the movement, nonetheless precedes it.

Thus, it stands to reason that because the primal resistance precedes its own movement it is therefore ‘still’ within the movement and increasingly dominant throughout the concurrent life-forms produced by its repetition.

The primal resistance is a force of ignorance moving in the wrong direction, insisting on what it does not know in spite of growing chaos.

A lost soul; the still-force moves to live and cannot know otherwise until we, its offspring, see the dilemma as our own.

This is the crux.

Humanity, as yet, has not recognized its sacred responsibility and remains firmly attached to secondary status.
Small and hidden is the door that leads inward and the entrance is barred by countless prejudices, mistaken assumptions, and fears.
~ Carl Jung, Civilization in Transition, Page 154.




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A Question of Balance


On a ship it was the Captain's job to find balance. But, a ship wasn't the world: the world was far bigger. Where
was the world's balance? Did he even know himself? Was there anything at all he could pass on to a seven- year-old boy?

                                                                                                                                                 We, THE DROWNED by Carsten Jenson

The smallest possible particle is the common building block of all that exists and so to isolate it is to pinpoint the center of the universe. The current means to the particle is by bombarding the atom into ever smaller units (Hadron Collider). The problem with this approach is that it is unaware that the smallest particle is also the most powerful force in the universe and furthermore that it is constantly disappearing. This universal on/off is called Eternal Recurrence and the knowledge was fundamental in particular to the ancient traditions of China and Egypt. The Pharaoh Akhenaton (1500 BC) and Lao Tzu (Tao-te-Ching, 400 BC) used all in their power to imprint eternal recurrence for future generations and it is now possible using the current sciences to put wheels under the metaphors. The books on this website unite ancient wisdom with modern knowledge and provide an opportunity to transcend the tribalism that still defines human thinking.


  • Eternal Recurrence is the dynamic that engages the common center of everything. It is more intimate to us than breathing yet it remains unknown. I am seeking brave souls who are not afraid to challenge the current standards. I believe that all knowledge is within the individual and that 'students are not vessels to be filled but lamps to be lit' (Aristotle). Awareness of eternal recurrence is essential but achieving it requires a special kind of courage. All is explained in my short book (free): The Emergent Principle (scroll down).

My name is Tom Kitt and I am available to answer questions. I also welcome invitations to attend meetings of individuals who have studied the work. I live in the NY area. or .

Tel: 631 897 2052

Man is as a flower that thinks to live. 

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Poetry, Articles & Books by Tom Kitt

Book: The Emergent Principle


Chapter 1:
  p. 1-106   
Chapter 2:    p. 107-202    Chapter 3:    p. 203-253           Chapter 4:  p. 254-281   Chapter 5:   p. 282-310   Chapter 6:   p. 311-30                           Chapter 7:   p.331-342    Chapter 8:   p.343-357    Chapter 9:   p. 358-381         Chapter 10:   p. 382-404   Chapter 11:   p. 405-420

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BOOK: Eternal Recurrence ...A Step out of Time 

by Tom Kitt (Free download - click on title). Published 2007, Athena Press (92 pages). Hardcopy editions available at ISBN10- digit: 1 84401 910 1, ISBN 13-digit: 978 1 84401 910

 Reviews  Eternal Recurrence ...A step out of Time  

 Hammer your thoughts to a unity.
                                                                     W. B. Yeats

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