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Life is produced by the same movement turning in and out of eternity.The movement began when Eternity was sparked by resistance unleashing an explosion that happened so fast it was barely a spark; a soft bang.The spark repeats and emits … Continue reading

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A Question of Balance

Centering    On a ship it was the Captain’s job to find balance. But, a ship wasn’t the world: the world was far bigger. Where was the world’s balance? Did he even know himself? Was there anything at all he could pass … Continue reading

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Poetry, Articles & Books by Tom Kitt

Book: The Emergent Principle                                                                   COVERChapter 1:  p. 1-106    Chapter 2:    p. 107-202    Chapter 3:    p. 203-253           Chapter 4:  p. 254-281   Chapter 5:   p. 282-310   Chapter 6:   p. 311-30                           Chapter 7:   p.331-342    Chapter 8:   p.343-357    Chapter 9:   p. 358-381         Chapter 10:   p. 382-404   Chapter 11:   p. 405-420The above is … Continue reading

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