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Life is the result of the SAME movement flashing in/out of eternity – in/out of existence:the movement began when eternity experienced resistance thereby causing a ‘flash’ of energy that repeats. The ‘flash’ is always the same because it repeats from … Continue reading

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A Question of Balance

Centering    On a ship it was the Captain’s job to find balance. But, a ship wasn’t the world: the world was far bigger. Where was the world’s balance? Did he even know himself? Was there anything at all he could pass … Continue reading

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Poetry, Articles & Books by Tom Kitt

Book: The Emergent Principle                                                                   COVERChapter 1:  p. 1-106    Chapter 2:    p. 107-202    Chapter 3:    p. 203-253           Chapter 4:  p. 254-281   Chapter 5:   p. 282-310   Chapter 6:   p. 311-30                           Chapter 7:   p.331-342    Chapter 8:   p.343-357    Chapter 9:   p. 358-381         Chapter 10:   p. 382-404   Chapter 11:   p. 405-420The above is … Continue reading

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